Application was closed down because of link-abuse!

Hi, I am Brevis!

I am a URL-Shortener!
If you see this site, something probably went wrong... or you want to shorten a URL?

Warning: This application is free, so please don't break it! No DDoS or recursive linking. If done so, the application will be locked down.

Click here to shorten your URL! (Username/Password required)

What is Brevis?

"brevis" is a latin adjective meaning nothing less than "short"!
Not surprised? Well, that's the point!

What's next?

You can shorten every link you could have in mind!
But I remind you: this application is free, so don't break it! In the meantime, try e.g. or

Privacy Policy and Rules

  1. On this site there will be no data-collection. The only data that will be stored are
    1. a unique ID for every shortened link
    2. a unique shortened link
    3. the entered URL
  2. The main site and other subdomains however may use cookies to create a better user experience.
    Also, there is a Google Search-Webmaster-Console linked to the main site - but no Goolge Analytics!
  3. The redirected sites have their own responsibility. I am not responsible for the content, cookies or other tracking methods used by the sites, the shortened links refer to!
  4. Don't break it! Yes, I have said it above. But I mean it. This is a free and private service everyone can use and share. If someone breaks it, I will lock it up and make a sign-up mandatory. I don't want it, but I don't care - I can still use it for my purpose.
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